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Is the email address secure? On Mon, 24 Feb 2020 04: this address became conspicuous for the first time. This email has the subject "Hello Good Day..".

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The sender of this email, who hides behind the email address, used a mailing list. Thus, this email address is to be classified under spam, since no business relationship exists.
Mr Johnson Douglas <>
Hello Good Day..

To: ******@*******.com
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2020 04:
Dear Sir, This might seem very deplorable for a person that you do not know but as the title implies. I am an accountant by profession. I'm sorry to intrude your privacy, but the circumstances on ground leave me with no choice than to request your loyal Claimant on the fund mapped out for all the scam victims. This is officially to notify you that We have received a payment credit instruction from the Central Bank of Nigeria/World Bank Swiss to credit your account with your full unpaid contract, inheritance compensation , and lotto winning fund of (US$3.5M). Your name was among those that were scammed as shortlisted by the Africa Financial Intelligent Unit (AFIU), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on fraud victims. Compensation has been issued out on Certified Bank Visa ATM card worth $3,500.000 USD to all the affected victims and has been already in distribution to the beneficiaries. Your Bank ATM Visa Card was among those that were reported undelivered as at last Eight Months ago, and we wish to advise you to stick to the instructions and make sure you receive your fund immediately after dispatch. We have full access/confidential bank official arrangements to these bank accounts as we cannot disclose names of the transferring/ card issuing banks now until you demonstrate acceptance to this loyal partnership as confident Claimant. We shall need an account to be use in depositing/disburse the money for your compensation fund (Bank Transfers/Bank Drafts) / Skimmed ATM CARD received from any of the bank will be ship to your house address. Here are the requested information for proceed. Your Full Name. Your Full Contact address. Your Telephone Numbers. Copy of your Passport, or Identity card. On your positive response, I will give you confidential number which we shall use to execute this transaction. Best regards and God Bless, Mr Johnson Douglas

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