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Date: 05 Mar 2020 04:05:59


Dear Sir/Madam
    Good day, my name are Mrs Omar Al bashir wife of former Sudanese president Omar Al Bashir who is presently facing a jail term for corruption here in my country sudan.  presently i am under house arrest here in  Sudan. My Son  just arrived Johannesburg , South Africa few days ego. I really need your help to invest in your country.

Before I proceed, I want you to know that my husband have instructed my son to invest with the sum of  ( 12mUSD) deposited in a private security company  in south africa as valuable items.
  Waiting for your  quick response, your can read more about my husband on l am under house arrest and asking for your help to invest as my family will give you 30% of the total sum.

  Please, if you will help me! Keep very confidential.
contact my son. Email:


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